With the millions of websites out there today, many have tried to keep visitors by adding more and more content.  This typically results in a site that is:

Bulky and difficult to manage.
Easy to get lost in.
Contains good information that no one can find.
Slow page loading resulting in frustrated visitors.

We have all been to websites like that, briefly.  Which is our point... You typically don't stay at these sites long and end up left with a negative impression of the company or product.  That is not the purpose of having a website!

We design websites with the following things in mind:

What do YOU want to convey to your existing and potential customers?
How can we make your site more inviting than your competitors?
What can WE do to make your web building experience a memorable one?

At Simple-i our focus is to create a website that looks great, is easy to use, and makes our clients and their customers happy.  Our sites are simple to navigate, easy to read, and quick to communicate to your customers!

We will guide you through the entire web development process, from finding the ideal web host that fits your purposes and registering your desired domain name to site promotion and search engine ranking.  We can also create custom graphics and assist with logo design where required.

You will find Simple-i very competitive and easy to work with.  Give us a try!